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Stian Henriksen


Originally from Norway, this mad Viking moved to Australia in 2004 to complete my Computer Science and Business Administration Degrees at Curtin University of Technology. My educational journey started in Norway at HiT, took me to Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh before settling into the Western Australian life.

For the first decade of my professional career, I worked with Change Management, Consulting and Software R&D. My true passion is solving problems, and problems don’t always fit in the box software companies are selling, often it’s not even a software problem. So when moving back to Scotland to remember what Europe has to offer, I seized the opportunity to found a technology consulting firm, independent of vendors and products, solely focused on helping clients use technology as an enabler across their business. For the last 15 years, I have had the privilege to help companies across the globe streamlining business processes and increasing the value they get from their technology. I have met a lot of great people along the way, and I’d like to meet you too.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is ERP just a fancy term for Accounting System?2020-09-03T17:39:51+08:00

ERP’s are a lot more than just Finance and Accounts. ERP systems also include operational functions such as Supply Chain Management, Maintenance/Asset Management, Warehouse Operations. One of the benefits being the data generated by operations are fully integrated into the financials, so the need for double entry or reprocessing in the accounting system is no longer needed.

What is Master Data?2020-09-03T17:40:36+08:00

Master data are the structures used to manage and process your transactions. The Chart of Accounts, Supplier Records, Plant Items/Assets/Functional Locations, and Inventory Items are all examples of master data that needs to be structured logically.

Is Pronto an ERP specific to the mining industry?2020-09-03T17:41:48+08:00

Not at all, while Pronto has been widely adopted by the mining industry, it is not designed as a mining-specific solution. We have worked with companies in Engineering, Manufacturing, Retail, Wholesale, Service, Equipment Rental and other industries who use Pronto as their ERP.

Is Monkey Tech a Pronto Distributor or Re-seller?2020-09-03T17:42:46+08:00

Monkey Tech is not a Pronto Distributor, and will not replace your current re-seller in any way. We have extensive experience with this particular ERP solution and will provide functional consulting above what we do for clients with other ERP packages.

Should we move to the Cloud?2020-09-03T17:43:36+08:00

The Cloud is may things, so there is no one-size-fits-all answer. If you have systems running on in-house servers, and these servers are due to be replaced? Then you should consider Infrastructure as a Service as an option before investing capital in new tin.

What does Digital Transformation really mean?2020-09-03T17:44:33+08:00

Digital Transformation is a consulting term with no clear formal definition, depending on who you ask, you will get a different answer. We define it as “Aligning Processes, People, and Technology to reduce waste and increase transparency and control throughout an organisation.”

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